A.I. In the Rock, Episode 1: A Video Discussion

A.I. in the Rock

Could A.I. be used to write another “Margaritaville”? And other inquiries

Introduction by Matt Olson


IN THE RELATIVELY short time that A.I. has been a “real thing,” some of us have gotten into it more than others. Whichever category you fall into, this initial episode of “A.I. in The Rock” video should provide ample fodder for your curiosity and imagination.

It came about a few months ago when I started thinking about doing a regular video/podcast about A.I. and discovered that my friend James Griffin—a financial advisor who works with my company, Matmon—and his friend John Harrison, a business advisor at Pulaski Tech, were thinking the same thing. Their interest was in “Will A.I. Take Your Job?” while my instinct was, and is, to probe much deeper into the subject. In any case, we hosted this first episode together, and, speaking for the three of us, I hope you find it provocatively useful.

We would appreciate hearing from you. Please send any reactions, questions, suggestions, etc., to us via my LinkedIn address:  www.linkedin.com/in/matmon. We’re looking for other A.I. pioneers to build our network and help keep this all-important discussion going for the benefit of everyone.