The Director’s Chair: April 2023

The Director's Chair

WHAT WE USED to call Science Fiction is now part of our everyday life, which is why this month’s edition of the ACDS Newsletter is chock full of information about Artificial Intelligence—AI, for short. This technology is already impacting decisions about how we work, new efficiencies in discovering medicines, and what tasks we might be delegating to our computers. The CEO of Google was on 60 Minutes this week talking about how AI might become one of the most significant capabilities in our human existence—but he added that we’ll need some “checks and balances” (my words) to make sure we’re using AI for the right reasons and results. Check out Matt Olson’s Guest Column in this issue, and you’ll hear some

of the same level of excitement and warnings.

We at ACDS are in the business of finding, training, and placing tech talent with Arkansas employers, and at the moment we have 21 different occupations for our sponsored Registered Apprenticeship programs. This new technology will soon be adding new titles and listings to our lineup. What will we call people who specialize in the development and evolution of AI? Are they Artificial Intelligence Scientists? From recent job postings, here are a few examples: Machine Learning Engineer…Deep Learning Engineer…Senior Data Scientist…Computer Vision Engineer…Data Scientist…Algorithm Developer. This is all very exciting, and our Arkansas employers will soon be posting the demand for these and related

skills. ACDS will be ready.

–Bill Yoder,

Executive Director