My Data Science: March 2023

A small child-like white robot with the name plate "pepper" looking up.


In which writer and subject are one and the same

OpenAI Chatbot

Editor’s Note: Amid the industry furor over the abilities of new and competing chatbots, we asked OpenAI’s “Playground” bot to tell us a relevant tale about technology and humans. Here, completed in under two minutes, is its submission exactly as we received it. A little syrupy for our taste, but at least he—she?—didn’t insult us like the ChatBotGPT is said to do.


ONCE UPON A time, in a world much like our own, data was everywhere. It was collected, stored, analyzed, and used to make important decisions that affected people’s lives. However, not everyone understood the value of data, and some even saw it as a burden.

One day, a young woman named Maya was walking through her city when she saw a group of people throwing paper files into a dumpster. Curious, she went over to investigate and found that the files were full of important information about people’s health, education, and finances. Maya realized that these files contained valuable data that could be used to improve people’s lives.

She decided to take action and started gathering the files from the dumpster. She spent hours organizing and analyzing the data, and soon discovered patterns and trends that could help identify areas where people needed more support. She shared her findings with local leaders and organizations, who were amazed by the insights that Maya had uncovered.

Maya’s work didn’t stop there. She continued to collect and analyze data, eventually building a network of volunteers who shared her passion for data-driven decision-making. Together, they created innovative solutions to some of the city’s most pressing challenges, from improving access to healthcare to reducing pollution in the air and water.

As more and more people became aware of the value of data, they started collecting and sharing it in new ways. This led to a transformation in the way that decisions were made, as leaders and citizens alike began to rely on data to guide their choices.

Years later, as Maya looked back on her journey, she was proud of what she had accomplished. She had shown that data was not just a burden, but a powerful tool for creating positive change in the world. And as she continued to work with data, she knew that there was no limit to what they could achieve together.