Happy Holidays – 2020

An ACDS Newsletter cover themed red and green for Christmas.

I’ll BET MOST of us know the words to “The Spirit of Christmas”—because we’ve watched Christmas Vacation so many times:

Christmas is the time of year
For being with the ones we love
Sharing so much joy and cheer
What a wonderful feelin’

Those poor Griswolds! But their story got us to thinking about Christmas traditions and how there are almost as many of them as there are families. Whether your Christmas tradition is a day of rest, a hectic day with relatives and friends, a holy day, or maybe a meal-and-a-movie day—no matter what your tradition, it’s likely that Christmas 2020 will be different.

For more than nine long months, COVID-19 has affected almost all of us in one way or another, and it’s not going to stop in honor of Christmas. This year even those who like to celebrate big are going to have to tone it down. Even if we’re all healthy, we’re warned to refrain from celebrating in numbers. As the song goes, Christmas is “for being with the ones we love,” and this year that may have to take place remotely.

But I’ll tell you one way in which this Christmas isn’t going to be different from the ones before. Those who receive this newsletter are clients and friends of ACDS—employers; IT talent or those in training to become IT talent; our training partners; our friends in higher education and state government. We at ACDS are grateful for all of you, and that’s just as true this Christmas as any other. Our prayers and holiday wishes for all of you are for Peace, Health, and Joy. And maybe a smile or two from this, our “Christmas Card 2020.”

Thanks and Happy Holidays from everyone at ACDS.

Bill Yoder,
Executive Director