Director’s Chair: Volume 1, No. 3

A headshot of an old white man with white hair on the sides of his head wearing glasses, a black suit jacket, and a blue and white checkered shirt on the Director's Chair announcement.

Lee Price, State Director, Office of Apprenticeship, U.S. Department of Labor, presents Executive Director Bill Yoder the Certificate of Registration of Apprenticeship Program for ACDS.

WE ARE PLEASED to announce that the Arkansas Center for Data Sciences has received the Certificate of Registration of Apprenticeship Program from The United States Department of Labor – Office of Apprenticeship.  This means ACDS can sponsor and conduct Apprenticeship Training Programs for Arkansas corporations, and can assist those corporations in receiving State and Federal grant dollars for program reimbursement.

ACDS plans to recruit and vet the first cohort for a program start date in August 2019.  The Apprenticeship model is an employer-based program, in that the employer determines the exact occupation and skills to be taught, and the apprentices are on the payroll on Day One. The program, which includes a year of combined classroom training and on-the-job training and mentoring, is the shortest distance between corporate demand and talent that can add value immediately. Experience shows a significant ROI for the employers.

To assist in setting up this program, ACDS has contracted with Lonnie Emard to be our Interim Apprenticeship Director.  Lonnie is one of the nation’s most experienced Subject Matter Experts and has initiated statewide programs in six different states.  Over the past two years he has spent much of his time in Arkansas working with the Arkansas Department of Workforce Services.

We welcome Lonnie to the team.  And you readers can expect to hear from him directly in future newsletters.

 —Bill Yoder,

Executive Director