Director’s Chair: January 2021

A headshot of an old white man with white hair on the sides of his head wearing glasses, a black suit jacket, and a blue and white checkered shirt on the Director's Chair announcement.

HAPPY NEW YEAR and welcome to 2021! In these all-too-divisive times, I wanted to start off the new year with a subject that’s anything but divisive—great IT career opportunities right here in Arkansas. While lots of companies still prefer computer science and data science degrees with three to five years of work experience, there are nonetheless plenty of IT jobs available for those who (a) can demonstrate potential and (b) possess the will and the perseverance to complete an ACDS Registered Apprenticeship training program.

The Registered Apprenticeship comes with a guaranteed job with full salary and benefits. ACDS’ professionals match employer skill and competency requirements to individuals with demonstrated potential, and then we select the perfect training partners—those with spot-on curriculum and top-notch instructors—for each apprenticeship training class.

The Registered Apprenticeship Program has become an accepted supplemental staffing strategy for a number of Arkansas employers, and the list grows each and every week. Watch our website (www.apprenticely.orgm) for scheduled cohorts in specific IT occupations.

Forget divisive! ACDS has been bringing employers and tech talent together since 2018, and we’re looking forward to more success in 2021…with thanks for your continued support.

Bill Yoder,

Executive Director