2023 Newsletter Editions

A cartoon of two people sitting and laying on the floor on laptops and behind them is a large computer screen with a text bubble that says "AI" and a to do list.

ACDS Index: September 2023

“LIKE HIRING AN INTERN” The data shows that AI has effortlessly become part of our everyday lives FROM PLANNING A garden to organizing a meal…making a playlist to designing a gift…writing an office memo to composing a wedding speech…skimming a reading list to sorting through massive photo archives—these days, AI is being used in all

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A woman's face with blonde hair, wearing large blocky sunglasses is overlayed with multicolored blocks.

Data in the News: September 2023

On Google’s 25th anniversary, its CEO ponders AI…Employee analytics, dream or micro-management?…Virtual-reality check: How long before we live in the metaverse? Check it all out right here. Sundar Pichai on Google’s AI, Microsoft’s AI, OpenAI, and … Did We Mention AI? – Wired The Rise of Employee Analytics: Productivity Dream or Micromanagement Nightmare? Harvard Business

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An animated graphic of a smart phone with texts popping up on the screen.

ACDS Adviser: August 2023

A PARENT’S GUIDE TO IT CAREERS If you think your child’s future lies with the local fast-food outlets, here are 6 excellent reasons to think again The ACDS Team A PROFESSOR WE know was on a college recruiting visit to a medium-size Arkansas city when the mother of an 18-year-old daughter approached him with an

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A graphic of a clock that is slowly disintegrating into $100 bills.

Data in the News: August 2023

How much did this morning’s meeting cost? Here’s the data…STEM needs more women, but recruiters often keep them out…Cool new roof technology for a hotter world. Check it all out right here. Shopify’s CFO explains how its new meeting cost calculator works, and how it will cut 474,000 events in 2023: ‘Time is money’ –

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