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Changing Lives.

Transforming Workforce.

We help employers grow their teams, and career seekers launch successful new careers through the proven model of Registered Apprenticeship.

Finding Qualified Talent Can Be Challenging.

When searching for qualified talent in your unique industry, you may find that there’s too much demand and not enough supply.

For employers, it’s no longer enough to look only for traditional candidates with four-year degrees.

For career seekers, it can be difficult to find a position when you may lack the experience required to apply.

We have to take a different approach—and increase the capacity of the available workforce.

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What Is Apprenticely?

You used to know us as the Arkansas Center for Data Sciences (ACDS). Now, we have a different name, but we still have the same mission–we’re just expanding our reach.

Apprenticely is a nonprofit working to bridge the divide between employers and career seekers in multi-industry workforces by connecting available talent to employers looking to grow and expand their businesses – through the proven model of Registered Apprenticeship.

We have five years of success helping more than 150 employers transition to an additional staffing strategy—a supplemental way of finding talent to fill the positions they’ve been struggling to find candidates for.

And we’ve helped over 1,200 career seekers of all backgrounds gain the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to start successful careers and fill in-demand jobs available in their area.

Our Stakeholders

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Career Seekers

Work-Based-Learning Internships and Registered Apprenticeship Programs allow individuals to gain the work experience needed to succeed in their careers. They’ll gain valuable technical and business skills as well as on-the-job training, enabling them to advance further in their field.

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Work-Based-Learning Internships and Registered Apprenticeship Programs are proven solutions for businesses to recruit, develop, and retain highly skilled workers. Apprenticely offers free services to help you launch your Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP), locate qualified talent, and train your team to meet your company’s unique needs.

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Partner Organizations

If your organization that provides training, placement, career awareness, or other services to grow your community or state’s workforce, Apprenticely can help. We provide a proven process to solve your workforce challenges by matching employers with a diverse pool of trained, qualified professionals.

Our Results

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National Expansion

Apprenticely is excited to announce we will be expanding our programs nationally! Partner with us to build your workforce and shape the future of your industry.

What Employers Have to Say About Apprenticely.

“The Apprenticeship program was exactly what we were looking for and changed the landscape of how we recruit and hire talent. We can now invest the money we had set aside for technical training into leadership training and marketing tools to help our clients.”


“What was most attractive about Apprenticely is we were able to get talent in here that could get experience while helping us with our day-to-day activities. Apprenticely takes all of the groundwork out from under you. They make it a very easy process.”

Rock Dental Brands

“I’m doing a SharePoint apprenticeship. SharePoint is a Microsoft program that helps companies build their own websites. The entire apprenticeship is one year. In the first six months, we’ll be earning our certifications with Microsoft, and then we’ll be put out into the field. It’s going really well.”


“Walmart partnered with Apprenticely and piloted several apprenticeship cohorts and the results were so positive that we have made the strategic decision to expand apprenticeships across many occupations. Our strategy and execution demonstrates the value of non-traditional pathways and the value of registered apprenticeships.”


We've Helped Over 150 Employers Find Qualified Talent.