The Director’s Chair: Some Things Don’t Change

The Director's Chair cover with a older, balding white man with glasses on the left side. The Apprenticely logo is in the bottom right corner.



THIS EDITION OF the newsletter is dedicated to announcing ACDS’ rebrand to Apprenticely, and there are a number of excellent features here that explain what’s happening, when it’s happening, and why. Yes, we’re excited about the opportunity to provide our services to even more employers, for the benefit of even more apprentices, in even more states.

But this edition of The Director’s Chair is dedicated to communicating what isn’t changing—our dedication to our work with employers, talent, and partners here in Arkansas.

All of the services we’ve been offering for the benefit of our home state employers will continue. Our client engagement team members will not be focusing outside of Arkansas; for us, these relationships that we’ve built up over half a decade are our top priority. One of our mantras is, “Everything starts with the employer’s demand for skilled workers,” and we don’t forget that we started with Arkansas employers.

Our Talent Management team will remain focused on Arkansans who’re seeking an opportunity for a higher-quality career. The development part of that team’s services—taking each individual where they are and, with coaching, mock interviews, and sometimes pre-apprenticeship training, preparing them to compete for a fulltime job and as an apprentice—all of that will remain as is.

There’s still plenty of workforce gap to close here in Arkansas and plenty of Arkansans to train for better, life-changing careers—just take a peek at some of the data that’ll be published in our annual report, coming out in early May. The chart below shows the number of apprentices we’ve processed year by year here in Arkansas since our initial apprenticeship cohort. This kind of demand and growth is just getting started!

So, no, we’re not abandoning Arkansas; we’re simply taking some Arkansas expertise and influence to other states. Thanks to all of you who’ve supported us and our mission over the years. We look forward to continuing together for the benefit of all Arkansans.

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–Bill Yoder
Executive Director