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Apprenticely: The Big Picture

Employers have figured out that apprenticeships provide a great ROI Dudley Light   Editor’s Note: Dudley Light is Director of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Region 4 Office of Apprenticeship, located in Dallas, and he’s been a wonderful partner and guide as we’ve moved forward with the rebranding from ACDS to Apprenticely in order to expand

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AI Companionship

A.I., Up Close and Personal

Could your new best friend be A.I. generated–just like the faces above?   James Morgan FOR THE FIRST year or so after ChatGPT made its splashy debut, we heard mostly about how A.I. will help existing businesses streamline their processes through automation while enabling great leaps in many fields, such as Healthcare. But while those

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Data in the News: May 2024

Why Americans stopped buying convertibles… Pilotless fighter jets, with A.I. in the cockpit…Remember the Fax Machine? It was invented during the age of covered wagons. Check it all out right here. Why Americans stopped buying convertibles – The Hustle An AI-controlled fighter jet took the Air Force leader for a historic ride. What that means

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Directors Chair

A Very Big Deal

WE WANT TO say thanks to all the employers and partners who’ve told us they really like our new brand, Apprenticely.  On the other hand, I’ll admit that we encounter a few who look dumbfounded when they first hear the new name. But when we pose the question, “How do you do workforce?” and then

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A yellowed apprenticeship stamp depicting two hands, one handing a key to the other. It says "National Apprenticeship Program United States 4¢" around the edge.

The Index: Earning While Learning

EARNING WHILE LEARNING From coast to coast and industry to industry, apprenticeships are changing lives AS MORE AND more companies discover the great potential and flexibility of apprenticeships, more and more Americans of all races, genders, ages, and educations will find themselves thriving in careers they once thought were beyond them. Here, courtesy of the

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A gray robot that looks like a human with a red cross in the center of its chest. It is also carrying a metal briefcase with a red cross on it.

Data in the News: April 2024

Are AI nurses the future of healthcare?…Colorado governor signs nation’s first privacy law protecting people’s brainwaves…AI-generated rom-com makes the Hallmark Channel look like Shakespeare. Check it all out right here. Are AI nurses the future of health care? – The Hustle First law protecting consumers’ brainwaves signed by Colorado governor – Reuters An AI rom-com

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Apprenticely logo with a fireworks effect in the background.

The Apprenticeship Report: ACDS Rebrands As “Apprenticely”

ACDS REBRANDS AS “APPRENTICELY” It’s how we do workforce BACK IN 2018, when the Arkansas Center for Data Sciences was formed to help bridge the gap between our state’s demand for tech talent and the available supply, Registered Apprenticeships were a relatively new concept—especially for this kind of work. Most people still associated apprenticeships with

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A pencil erasing marks on a piece of paper with binary code.

Data in the News: March 2024

An HBS trifecta: Can we make AI “unlearn” the things it shouldn’t know?…What the data tells us about MacKenzie Scott’s $15 billion charitable giving…Is your workplace biased against introverts? Check it all out right here. How to Make AI ‘Forget’ All the Private Data It Shouldn’t Have – Harvard Business School $15 Billion in Five

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