The ACDS Index: March 2022

A laptop screen with a zoom meeting on it. A green coffee mug sits beside the computer.


Turns out nobody was ready for their close-up

Compiled by Crystal Hartman

IT’S ALWAYS ALL about us, isn’t it? It was bad enough having to put up with

the body shaming mobs on social media, but at least no one was making us get on

Instagram. So when March 2020 arrived and COVID-19 was pronounced a

Pandemic, requiring most of the world to work remotely, it was like there was no

longer any safe place. “It was Zoomageddon,” a friend says, and she’s not alone in

her shock. “Interest in facial procedures grew significantly, thanks to Zoom and

other video chatting platforms,” according to the American Society of Plastic

Surgeons. “Patients began requesting everything from chin liposuction to facelifts

with greater frequency than ever before. There was also an increased interest in

med spa procedures, such as Botox and fillers, prompting many practices to

increase their focus on their nonsurgical offerings, or even innovate their delivery

methods to accommodate drive-thru procedures.” Here are some specific statistics that may feel familiar.


  • Percentage increase in number of Zoom customers with more than 10 employees from Q1 2020 to Q1 2021: 850 (from 58,500 to 497,000)


  • Percentage of traffic to Zoom’s website that comes from the United States: 34.15 (Second highest is India at 5.85%.)


  • Percentage of people who say they feel more self-aware when they’re on-camera than when off-camera: 59

Source: Highfive

  • Percentage of people who worry more about how they look on a video call than about what they’ll talk about on the call: 48

Source: Highfive

  • Percentage of people who get dressed for “work from home” at the start of the day and then change into comfortable clothes later on: 10


  • Percentage of remote workers who keep a “Zoom shirt”* ready: 42 ( *According to Urban Dictionary, a Zoom shirt is a shirt or blouse that’s kept on the back of one’s desk chair to be quickly presentable for video conferences.)

Source: LinkedIn

  • Percentage increase in Google queries for “men’s makeup looks” from pre-pandemic to start of the pandemic: 80

Source: Analytics firm Moz

  • Percentage of increase in male upper eyelid lifts a Vero Beach, FL, plastic surgeon reported in 2021 over the year before: 22


  • Number of cheek implants in males in 2020: 28,638, or 26 percent of cheek implant procedures for the year.

Source: 2020 Plastic Surgery Statistics Report

  • Percentage increase in cheek implants in males between the years 2000 and 2020: 1,616

Source: 2020 Plastic Surgery Statistics Report

  • Percentage of medical providers reporting an increase in patients seeking cosmetic consultations compared with requests prior to the pandemic: 56.7

Source: International Journal of Women’s Dermatology

  • Percentage of patients citing video-conferencing calls as a reason to seek cosmetic care: 86.4

Source: International Journal of Women’s Dermatology

  • Percentage of women who’d never had cosmetic surgery who said they were interested in the procedures once the pandemic began: 11

Source: American Society of Plastic Surgeons

  • Percentage of women who had undergone previous cosmetic procedures and were interested in scheduling another type of treatment because of the pandemic: 24

Source: American Society of Plastic Surgeons

  • Percentage of annual growth the global aesthetic medicine market is expecting through 2028: 10

Source: Grand View Research

And yet:

  • Percentage of remote workers who say they would consider leaving their jobs if they were asked back to the office before they feel safe: 55

Source: Bloomberg Wealth